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Uniform Information

School Uniform and Clothing


  • Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan
  • White polo shirt
  • Grey skirt,  trousers, joggers, leggings, shorts
  • Trainers

The children will have access to the climbing wall, climbing frame, trampolines and bikes and trikes every day and may use these if wearing appropriate clohing.

The sweatshirts, with  the King's Furlong Infant School and Nursery logo can be purchased from Skoolkit, Church Street, Basingstoke RG21 1QG.    


PE Kit:

Children do not need specific PE kit. 

The children have a hall slot every day and should wear clothes to school to enable them to use the equipment safely. Please talk to your child's class teacher about what PE session is happening. Children not wearing appropriate clothing may not be able to join in with some activities.



It is Hampshire County Council’s policy that children cannot wear jewellery, including earrings for PE, and parents should remove jewellery, including earrings on the day(s) that their child has PE. Alternatively, parents can provide surgical tape so that children can cover their earrings during PE. For safety reasons, if earrings are worn, they should be stud type earrings only.


It is appreciated that there may be cultural or religious reasons when children will be wearing jewellery. Consideration must then be given to making the wearing of the item safe during PE, both to protect the wearer and other participants. Staff in charge of the activity have a duty of care to ensure that the activity can be carried out safely by all participants. Where cultural or religious reasons are an issue then a compromise can be made as long as it does not compromise the safety of the wearer or others taking part in the activity. An item of jewellery or personal adornment that cannot be removed should be safely covered up, e.g, by use of a sweatband.


Nail varnish should not be worn to school


Nursery Uniform and Clothing


'Dress for Mess'


In the Nursery we encourage children to explore the outdoor environment, paint and other messy activities.  We do provide protective clothing but sometimes the children's enthusiasm means that they still get messy!


The children may like to wear a sweatshirt with the King's Furlong Infant School and Nursery logo.  This can be purchased from Skoolkit, Church Street, Basingstoke RG21 1QG.  


In the winter your child will need:

  • A warm, showerproof coat
  • Hat and gloves
  • Sturdy shoes
  • A pair of wellies that can be left at Nursery


In the summer your child will need:

  • A sun hat
  • Sunscreen to be applied before coming to Nursery
  • For children who will be staying all day, parents will need to provide their child's key person with a bottle of factor 30 or higher sunscreen, labelled with their child's name.


When children are toilet trained we encourage them to be independent when using the toilet.  Please ensure children wear clothing that is easy to manage.  There are times when toileting accidents occur and children do prefer to be in their own clothes.  We ask that all children have a spare set of clothing that can stay in Nursery in a named drawstring bag.


Sensible shoes are very important and so we request no slingback sandals, heeled shoes or Crocs.


We recommend that children in Nursery do not wear earrings as large apparatus play tends to occur daily.