At King’s Furlong Infant School and Nursery we value our School Council.

We have two representatives from each class who are voted for by their class. Each child who wishes to stand for the School Council makes a short presentation to their class before the secret vote takes place.

The School Council work with our Assistant Headteacher, Miss Noel to decide on different actions and things to focus on to help develop the school. This year the School Council have been supporting our work to encourage children to walk to school and be safe on the roads. They are also working on our school charters, playground and lunchtime charters to make sure all our children know their rights and responsibilities in school.

We are extremely proud of our School Council and recently attended a cluster day with School Councils from other schools in Basingstoke. Our children made a presentation to over 100 people about our school values and then took part in a series of fantastic workshops.

Positive quotes from children about our School Council are:

“The School Council make sure people are safe.”

“We help make sure everybody in our school follows the rules.”

“We went on a trip to work with other School Councils to learn about our values.”

“The School Council are really important people and they have special badges.”

PF JP School Council

Badger Class

Jacob and Poppy

HN ID School Council

Hedgehog Class

Harry and Isla

HH and SN School Council

Owl Class

Harrison and Sybil

JG CMT School Council

Deer Class

John and Chloe

DS JMC School Council

Rabbit Class

Danny and Jasmine

SS CG School Council

Squirrel Class

Sophia and Luke

JC IDB School Council

Fox Class

Jonathan and Izzy

TR CG School Council

Otter Class

Charlie and Tiegan