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School Council

At King’s Furlong Infant School and Nursery we value our School Council.


We have recently held our School Council elections for Year  and 2. The children made speeches to their classes and secret votes were held to decide who would be representing each class.


Year 1

Deer - Bella

Rabbit - Evie

Squirrel - Bonnie


Year 2

Bat - Carl

Fox - Ollie

Otter - Macie


Year R will be voting on their representatives later in the term.


The School Council work with our Deputy Headteacher, Miss Noel, to decide on different actions and things to focus on to help develop the school. This year the School Council will be thinking about how we can support the local community and wider world as a school.



Positive quotes from children about our School Council are:

“The School Council make sure people are safe.”

“We help make sure everybody in our school follows the rules."

“The School Council are really important people and they have special badges.”