Welcome to the King’s Furlong Infant School and Nursery website.

Welcome to our fantastic school! We think that our school is the best and children are happy at our school.

Here are a few reasons for you to join us at King’s Furlong Infant School and Nursery:

Our teachers are fantastic:

We learn fun and interesting maths with all our teachers.

They encourage us to be creative.

They keep us safe and make us feel secure.

We learn through projects:

They are challenging and fun.

We decide what we want to find out about, which makes it more interesting.

We work in collaboration with our friends and teachers.

Our school values:

They are important and help us to do our best and never give up.

They help us be a good friend and care for other people.

They help us to learn collaboratively.

Lunchtime is great at school:

We eat healthy school lunches that are delicious.

We play a variety of games to keep us healthy and strong.

Everyone is a good friend. There is a friendship stop, if you feel sad and lonely children and grown ups

always help you.

Our school rights:

They are fair.

They keep us healthy and safe.

They help us learn.

Our school is:

A caring, spacious, friendly and collaborative place to learn. We love it!

Nyah, Tiegan, Xander and Uma – Year 2

September 2015